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Annual Spiral Guide Algorithm (SGA) Access


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Unlock Your Trading Potential with the “Spiral Guide Algorithm”

Elevate your trading strategies with PrimeIQ Labs’ cutting-edge Spiral Guide Algorithm (SGA) – a revolutionary tool meticulously designed for retail traders aspiring for precision, sophistication, and effectiveness. With SGA, step into a world where your trades are not just informed but are also empowered and enlightened.


SGA is an epitome of technological advancement, combining the subtleties of Digital Signal Processing, Complex Systems Theory, Game Theory, and Auction Theory to offer traders an unparalleled edge. It’s your guiding light in the world of intraday trading, helping you identify and ride trends with unprecedented accuracy.

Core Components

  • SGA Signal: Your fundamental cue, a beacon that cuts through the noise and gives you clarity in the tumultuous waters of trading.
  • SGA Filtered Signal: Adding finesse to your decision-making, finely tuning signals to ensure your trades are not just timely but are also rooted in precision.
  • SGA Histogram: The arbitrator of decisions, offering insights into the delta, unveiling opportunities lying in the intersections of signal and filtered signal.

Theory Unleashed

Every trade, every decision, every move you make is backed by a robust theoretical framework that combines four dimensions of trading science. Dive deep into the correlations, explore the oscillations, and harness the power of feedback, all honed to perfection to ensure every trade you make is not a gamble but a calculated move.

Derivative Insights

With SGA, every trend is a story narrated in real-time. The ebbs and flows, the peaks and troughs, are all captured with poetic precision, offering you a narrative that’s as informative as it is insightful.

Application Mastery

Trades are not triggered; they are orchestrated. Every entry and exit is a symphony of signals, filters, and histograms, aligned in perfect harmony, offering you not just a trade, but an experience. And with the adaptability to multiple time frames, SGA is your companion in every market pulse, every trend wave.

Intraday Chartered

With an eye for detail, SGA is tailored for the intraday trader. Its precision, accuracy, and adaptability make it a tool not just for trades but for victories. It is in this realm of rapid decisions and quicker executions that SGA finds its true calling, each feature a testament to the world of opportunities it unfolds.

Why SGA?

In a world inundated with tools and algorithms, SGA stands apart. It’s not just technology; it’s an art form, a craft perfected for the trader who seeks not just profits but also wisdom. With SGA, you’re not just trading; you’re embarking on a journey where every trade is a stroke of a brush on the canvas of financial markets.

Join us, and let’s paint your success story together. Dive into the world of informed, enlightened, and empowered trading. Welcome to the Spiral Guide Algorithm by PrimeIQ Labs – where every trade is a masterpiece waiting to unfold!


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